About Us

Kickback: Made for Locals, by Locals

Living in Asheville you know that the food and the attractions are not all that makes this town special, but the magic in these mountains is cast by a close and caring community. We aim to bring that community closer by providing a local delivery and marketing service built by Asheville natives for Asheville.

Working in the food service industry for nearly 20 years lends a different perspective to Kickback's service. We hope you can see the difference too! Customer service is our top priority. 

We know the employee perspective of takeout too. That is why it is important for us to show our partnering restaurants, their employees, and our drivers the appreciation we have for them. Not only will we show up with gifts when you least expect it, but we give all of our partnering restaurants discount coupon codes for delivery. We know after a shift on the line the last thing you want to do is stop at the store then go home and cook for yourself. Have something better than cereal, and let Kickback take care of you!

Whether you are a native or a tourist we are here to bring you what you need from a bottle of Pinot Noir paired with your delicious meal.

                               Kickback. Relax. Enjoy. 

Our Beliefs:

  • Focus on Local
    Local Businesses are the beating heart of Asheville. 
    We aim to support these businesses working together to feed each other's businesses. 

  • Charity by Design
    We believe in kicking back to the community. 
    That is why 30 percent of all delivery fees will go to local nonprofit, Asheville Cat Weirdos Emergency Fund.

  • Emphasis on Sustainability?
    We all have a role to play in conserving our planet.
    The products we use will be completely sustainable and
    environmentally friendly.

Everyone lives busy lives, so let us take a little bit off of your plate and fill your table with Kickback!

Thanks, Asheville,
Kickback Team